April Facts & Springtime Events at The Eagle

Check out the new ‘Springtime Events’ at the top of the page.  Excited to greet the month of April with art, holistic therapies and dreams - Three retreat weekends!

April fun:  April’s birthstone is the diamond, which symbolizes innocence. (My 2 daughters were born in April – just sayin!)  Zodiac signs for the month of April are Aries and Taurus – one for each daughter.

Other Historical April events: “Hank” Aaron tied Babe Ruth’s Home Run record in 1974.  /  First Easter egg roll at the White House, 1877 /  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby “  published, 1925 /  First motion picture public showing, 1894 /  Ford Motor Company unveiled its Mustang automobile, 1964 – A very good year!  /  Apollo 13 astronauts splashed down safely, 1970 – Another very good year! /  The first train crossed the Mississippi River, 1855  /  Space shuttle Discovery blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying the $1.5 billion Hubble Telescope, 1990  /  The nation’s first Social Security checks were distributed, 1937!  /  Hey now, doesn’t that make you want to get out in April to the Sedona, Jerome, Clarkdale, Oldtown Cottonwood area?  It could be historical ….

Welcome to Personal Growth Seminars!

Welcome to Personal Growth Seminars! We offer numerous personal growth retreats and seminars in the Verde Valley near Sedona, AZ. We can also present them in your city or town.  Contact us for more information.