The Myth of Psyche & You

Exploring the myth of Psyche is like exploring our own souls. In fact, psyche is another word for soul. Psyche is the story of a young girl, who gains consciousness through the demands of her mother in law, who happens to be the goddess Aphrodite.   It is also the story of how family and culture affect our lives and consciousness.

Through a series of events, Psyche marries Eros – the god of love – but in secret.  Eros cannot bear for either his wife, Psyche, or his mother, Aphrodite, to know him fully. They each get a part of him and he keeps many a secret. As Psyche’s nature develops and wants more consciousness, Eros panics and leaves, refusing to be an equal partner to his wife.

As Psyche searches for her beloved, she goes through emotional states that could cause her to loose everything. However, she is given advice from unexpected places and is finally given the four tasks that a woman must understand and accept to gain individuation.

First is the task of sorting … and Psyche is overwhelmed.  Think of the many sorting tasks in our daily lives.

The second task concerns the kind of courage a woman needs to develop, but again Psyche is overwhelmed and needs help.

Third is learning discernment… an important aspect in choosing correctly without getting overwhelmed by the choices.

The fourth task is a decent to the underworld. How does one descend into the underworld and return safely?

You guessed it – Psyche is overwhelmed!

Despite being overwhelmed at each task, Psyche accomplishes them with the aid of helpers not previously in her conscious awareness.

We have all lived through things that at the time we thought would destroy or consume us. Shining a light on this story, seeing our inner story in another way, (like Psyche wanted to see Eros) helps us with our ongoing journey towards individuation.   Becoming whole.
We will be a small group of women, including a guide, on a journey of exploration that will encompass individual and collective consciousness.

The book SHE, by Robert Johnson, will be sent to you upon registration.  The space, (a quaint B&B) will be provided.  I will be your therapeutic guide … you will be given tasks … and the outcome will be to understand yourself and your life with compassion and in a greater context.

*We cannot afford to stay overwhelmed.  Being overwhelmed is the path to being lost to ourselves.  Come, join the Psyche sisters and learn to trust your true self.*