Couples B&B Retreat

*Enhance  your relationship *Learn why openness and intimacy can be difficult.     Gain an understanding of your and your partner’s psychological type.  Learn how you each relate in the world and to each other.
Understanding this will enable you to hear and to speak to each other in ways that can break through walls of misunderstanding. Improve communication by learning to be precise in knowing your needs and stating them directly;   knowing your boundaries and maintaining the individual integrity that allows true intimacy.
Learn three ways that couples relate to each other; how to identify them  and to know when there is a problem that can be overcome. “True love will always commit itself and engage in lasting ties; it needs freedom only to exercise its  choice …” – Carl Gustav Jung
Groups are limited to eight people.  Retreats are presented after breakfast, from 10 am to 1 pm and after lunch each day.
During free time couples are encouraged to take advantage of the R & R of the grounds, or venture out to the many neighboring scenic areas.
As part of the weekend couples can arrange an optional private session with Patricia.